Thursday, September 18, 2008

When does a street become dangerous

I know of a few schools in my area that have requested crossing guards, because the streets are heavily used. Heavy traffic, dangerous conditions for adults crossing but not deemed so for children. I wonder if they use the same excuse for Queens Boulevard?
How many children need to be mowed down before eyes are opened.
School buses have been taken away for some children due to budgetary restraints, or that is the excuse the DOE uses. So instead, children are expected to cross main intersections by themselves to travel back and forth to school. According to the DOE a main intersection near my house has been downgraded to country road. Okay well it was not but we were told that it is not a high traffic area. Well lets wee if it is not a high traffic area how is it that I as an adult have to run across this said street to get across it before the light changes, or that their are two traffic camera's positioned to catch motorists blowing the light. From what I heard it makes mega money a year close to a cool million a year. Damn if that is not a high traffic area I don't know what is.

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