Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If I had 10 million dollars to spare

I too would open a charter school. It seems these days anyone with a few bucks to spare can open up a charter regardless of how much experience they have. All it takes is name recognition and the ear of the Mayor.
Way back when oldest guy and middle one were in elementary school I said I wish I had money to spare to donate a large chunk of money to the school so we could have all the services that were denied to our small school because enrollment was low. One of the things I did not want was to squeeze more children into our small school. You know like charters do.
If I had $10 million to spare and I truly wanted to "educate" children I would find an alternative building to place them in. Unfortunately I am an idealist and I don't get how charters get away with this year after year. I know that there are parents out there who think that charters are the best thing that happened to their little mop heads since the invention of sliced bread. I wonder how they feel after little Johnny is thrown out of the charter because they just don't make the cut. That is something that is not ever published in the bias rah rah Bloomberg is the great education Mayor press.
Now if anyone can open up a charter school how about a group of parents and a group of handpicked teachers. Who has better experience on how a school should be run? Not the Mayor of Klein. No matter how much they change the stats in there favor they sure as hell haven't really done such a great job. I haven't noticed any change in the schools. Except that my school lost a lot of money. With that and another volatile issue. Now my freaking PTA has to whore themselves more asking for more money so we can purchase what we lost. I think that it is disgusting that we have to dig deep into our pockets and give our money to a PUBLIC school. I do pay taxes and plenty of them. So far the only thing that has not been taxed on me is the air I breathe, or at least not yet.
It is against DOE policy for parents to pay for a teacher, but the DOE plays dumb to it. I remember when that parents can not pay for a teacher policy came in effect. I was there when it happened. Rudy Crew was the Chancellor. So when the letter from my PTA comes out any day now and asks me for a large donation I am going to be pissed again but I will roll up my pennies and give it because we really need that copy paper, and of course an art teacher.
If I had $10 million I would open the Pissed Off Mom school and make sure that every one of the 300+ children that attended wee one's school had a well rounded education with UNION teachers.

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