Saturday, March 13, 2010

Survey redux

Every year around this time of the year parents receive a nice green envelope with the school surveys. Your school, your voice. Now I usually toss them since I know the results are not truly published, and they are a waste of money. Also they really are not anonymous. That little code on the bottom turns me off. If you want my "REAL" opinion you would also try to protect my privacy.
Laughable privacy with ARIS and all.
This year I was going to fill out the survey only because I am pissed. Yeah, go figure. I am pissed that my child has received a sub par education the last 3 years.
Screaming teachers who hate boys. Teachers that don't teach math, well they teach it but don't stress it. Hold back notices given to kids etc.
So here I will fill out my survey because it will be anonymous.

I don't feel satisfied with the response I get when I contact my child's school. To be fair they contacted me. But to tell me my 9 year old child is struggling because he has ADD and should be tested because it is a "focusing" problem, was wrong on so many levels. First you are not a professional. Second he is 9 just turned 9 by the way, and hell I don't even want to sit inside all day long either. ( I found out later on that they told that to two other parents that had sons)

How often during the school year have you received information about what your child is studying in school. NEVER
That is right never. I asked to be informed when tests were coming up, but was told I don't do that. So my child is struggling I need help and well you don't do that. Okay then. I really don't think I am asking for much here.

My child participates in the following activities in school:
you know I have to say I love the choices. In our school most of the programs listed are funded by parents. Art paid for by parents, music partly funded by the PTA, physical education, oops I fell of my chair from laughing so hard. Once a week wowie, and being that the winter was so harsh and we don't have a separate gym our kids sat in the auditorium reading. And then we wonder why our children have ADD symptoms. It is called ants in the pants.
I saw dance and theater, foreign language on the survey and was awed, I said wow do we really have those programs, must be for those kind of sorta lucky middle school and high school students.

What are the BEST ways for your child's school or teachers to get information to you about your child's education?
I like the array of options but if a teacher says I don't do that do you really think this question applies?

How satisfied are you with the following things about your child's school?
The quality of your child's teacher? Yeah she is okay but she needs a whole lot more training, like how to be cooperative., and this questions also qualify for wee one's second grade teacher. Retire already!

The most laughable part of this survey was how I feel about the Panel for Bloomberg and Klein's rubber stamp err I mean Education.Lets just say all those questions were answered very unsatisfied.