Saturday, April 10, 2010

The hell that is 4th grade

This year has been craptastic. I am not sure my child has been prepared for the upcoming tests, but according to his teacher he is since she has been doing test prep. Did you hear that Joel there is test prep going on. Maybe you should inform your teachers not to tell the parents that. Test prep is the only thing she told us though, since communication is not her in her vocabulary. That and not being an effective teacher. Oops I said it. She sucks, and believe me my children have had crappy teachers. I know she does not like me, but I could give a crap I already have friends. My child and 6 others in his class have been struggling. Kids who have not had a problem until this year. The parents have had conferences with her and leave her classroom bewildered. They ask for little things like a heads up before tests to be told she does not do that. We have complained that there has been little or no math homework and then I guess as a punishment she gives our children 60 math problems for a nights work. It was nice that I had time to teach him the lesson so he could understand how to do it, and 2 hours later we were done. I spoke with other parents who informed me they had to do the same thing. Joel and Mike the next time you say a parent should shut it because we are not educators, well I have a few choice words for you, apparently we are. I guess that is what you meant by parents and teachers need to be partners in education, right?

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Pissed Off said...

Mikey and Joel are not educators either yet they feel tey have the right to tell educators what they are doing wrong.