Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jim Liebman runs for his life

Jim Liebman ran from a group of parents who wanted to speak with him. He must have had a good reason for running. Probably scared he would learn something. His only job is to spin his web of deceit in behalf of the DOE, not to listen to the concerns of parents. It is not like we know what we are talking about anyway after all we are not educators. Oh wait either is he. To run away from parents who only wanted to hand him signatures from a petition (from Time out From Testing no less) on the further testing of our children is reprehensible. To blame it on a colleague that you thought who would be taking the signatures for you is cowardly. They were signatures not a subpoena. Running away from parents who sat for hours and listened to you speak is a disgrace. A few weeks ago I heard you say that you do listen to parents concerns. Is that while you are running away?
Parents are being ignored by this administration and yesterday's demonstration by Liebman just proves it.

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