Saturday, December 15, 2007

My 7 year old the comedian

Today was wee ones First Reconciliation. His first crack at confession. At seven he truly has not committed any sins that I am aware of tee hee. We are sitting in church him all in his dress clothes, and me. The other sons had to work and so did the husband because I am stoopid as I pronounced it to them and mixed up the dates. I thought it was Sunday and made them all take off tomorrow, and if it wasn't for the fact that I was speaking to another parent yesterday I would have went at one o'clock tomorrow and would have been all alone.
So we are sitting in the pew and my son is playing with his tie, he tied it up in one big knot to which I laughed because he was proud of himself and me I thought it was the funniest thing I saw.
Then he is doing his prayers but he is all over the pew. He is newly 7 just a few weeks into it so he still can not sit still.
Now it is time to confess all your transgressions and the ushers are calling up a few children at a time. My son (unlike me because I would never say anything) is saying wow so and so is taking so long that is because he is so bad. I told him listen buddy you are far from an angel so just wait your turn. Then he said did you see how fast he was? That is because he is just so good.
Then he is getting impatient and saying hey when is it going to be my turn. I told him to be quiet and wait he had his whole life to confess to sins. So now he is truly impatient and says to me, I swear he did. Pull my finger. I said shhh be quiet. He said come on pull my finger. I said would you behave already. He said louder now come on pull my finger you know you want to. So to quiet him down I pulled his finger where he let out the loudest play fart that the people in front of me turned around looked at us and started laughing. To which I apologized and said what he has a 2o year old brother. At that point the usher ran up to us and said his name and asked him if he would like to confess to Monsignor. To which I said oohhh you're in trouble you have the big cheese. To which the people in front of me turned around again and looked at me but with the face geez do you need to encourage him. I said for goodness sakes lighten up he is 7 not a big sinner......yet.

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