Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Power to the People and the Press

My mother always said about me is I let things linger in my head and then I attack. I was called Pit Bull by a good friend for how I can hold on to something and not let go. It can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing depending on if you are with me or against me.
I was also told I march to my own drummer and ironically so was my youngest son by his teacher this year. I rather march to my own drum than be a sheep baaaaaaaaaa. Which brings me to the whole point of this post.
Jim Liebman said at the District 26 CDEC meeting that the DOE does not control the press, they wish they did but alas they don't.
So if the DOE does not control the press, how come there are always a spin on the true stories of what is happening in the educational system in New York City?
Advocates have called for small class size, with backup of studies that it works. My son was a study he had the chance of a small class size for one year when it was proven that his first grade class of 36 were at a disadvantage and by the end of the year 1/3 of the class could not read. It had nothing to do with the teacher. It had everything to do with the class size. Which the DOE always touts wouldn't you rather have a qualified teacher than a small class size. Well........... we DID have a qualified teacher. In fact when my younger guy was in the first grade I so much wanted her to be his teacher only because I respect her and know what a fantastic educator she is. Not to say that the teacher he has was not in the same league because she is, she just has a different approach.
So everytime there is a discussion on smaller class size that has to be outlined by the administration but has yet to be done. Something about not enough significant data (liar liar pants on fire), there is an article in a newspaper about how small class size does not work.
You know I would like to see what would happen if that $30,000 a year you pay to send your child to Horace Mann would play if the class size was 36.
The DOE constantly does whatever the hell they want and they don't do it legally. Well in their heads it is legal but there is a protocol to follow and they don't follow it. Why well lets see. They took the power away from the Districts. They gave us back the districts but our Superintendent's are not in the districts where they belong. They are in other districts overseeing what is going on there. Huh? What the hell is that all about. Oh I know it takes the power away from us and gives it to the Mayor, and the Chancellor. Policies are put through without any input from CDEC's. They just push through the Policy and if a CDEC asks questions the answers are well that is just the way it is. And then another Press Spin is given. I guess to shut up the powerless parents. Now the SLT's have been the new target. Each and every time it is questioned and an article is written in a newspaper the very next day there is another article from a friend of the Mayor or a flunky at the DOE stating that is not true and we are doing blank and blank and blank and it is working with some overpriced PowerPoint Presentation to hammer in the facts. A DOE fact is not an actual fact it is a DOE fact. Confused good because that is the point.

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