Friday, January 4, 2008

Horray for Mark Weprin

Mark thank you so much for denouncing the tests at the press conference at P.S. 46 yesterday. It is about time that someone has decided to let it be known the disgust of all parents.
By the way Joel shame on you for not inviting CEC members of District 26 to your little press conference. It is another slap in the face to parents.

Also I would like to know how you can say that schools are not teaching to the test when one of the schools own students admitted it.

My own son the college junior told me that he does not understand why they keep touting that there is not teaching to the test because that is all he remembered in his formative years. Teachers telling him pay attention this will be on the state test. What he really said is they scared the crap out of him that they needed to pay attention to the tutoring or they won't pass the test.

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