Friday, January 18, 2008

Path to Success

Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday his new 8th grade retention policy. Path to Success my ass. The Path to Success is not to leave back a student but help him or her while they are in the 8th grade to pass. That is hard to achieve though when your school's budget has been cut to shreds, and their are not enough resources to educate the child. Oh there are teachers in the classroom but there are also 32-36 other students in the class and they too might need help.

They also announced this plan but they also announced that they will bring it to the Panel for Education Panel. But why bother is this not a deal that has already been struck. What do you want to just watch Patrick pop a vein for your amusement, and watch Joel play with his blackberry in his show of ennui.

There is also to be the education tour, oh wait no not tour what is it called.....wait..... be right back.....oh that is right "conducting public engagement meetings", because our voice is CRUCIAL
in making sure this policy works.

Yeah right, my voice you don't care what I have to say, you only care that I listen to what you want.

I listen to what my children want you know the Playstation 2, the X-Box, the oh you get the idea, I listen and then I tell them why it won't work and we compromise they don't get it and they are saying how I am mean. Kind of the same thing isn't it.

I am tired of the two dunderheads making up new policy first, and then bringing it to the people who are supposed to vote for it first. Like the SLT regulations not being brought up to the CEC's.
The toxic schools being built without telling parents that their children are sitting on hazardous material. Which defeats the purpose of learning. You can not really learn when you are sick from the fumes coming out of your building. Oh that is right there are no harmful fumes or so say the DOE and their crack team of air quality specialists.

What is it going to take, that every single time a policy that is detrimental to our children is passed through without parental input we sue. Who has the time and energy to do this?
I know the lawyer in Klein knows parents don't.

The Path to Success is not paved in retaining a student. One TEST does not make the student.
You two should go back to school a nice Public High School, I say lets see ummm yeah Richmond Hill High School go sit in a trailer in the middle of a heat wave, when the toilet is not working, and the air conditioner is broken, in the middle of a lightning storm.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me, as one of the NYC parents, what your solution would be to cellphones. I teach here and I think the cell phone policy is good. Before, students used them in class and the school all the time, to cheat on tests, deal drugs, coordinate fights, etc. And please don't tell me to suspend every kid that uses a cell phone in school. Unworkable. I agree with you on class size and a range of other issues. However, when we make cell phones an issue, that is not an academic issue, such as class size. One is clearly more important and beneficial to a child's education. another sell out by my union going against the cell phone ban, which actually benefited teachers. What did parents do before cell phones? They called the school, just like they still can today.

Anonymous said...

By the way I have the answer to your overcrowding situation. Deny illegal immigrants the right to an education. Why am I (and I am assuming you)paying for these kids, whose parents pay NO taxes and send much of their excess money back to their home countries. They don't even contribute to the local economy in sales taxes past what they absolutely need. Don't even get me started on the costs of medical care, prisons, etc.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Joel, is that you?

to be continued