Friday, January 4, 2008

Update about yesterday

My new favorite word asshat. I used it a lot today.

Yes indeed the school in question is Benjamin Cardozo High School.

The question I have is this. Even if this invasion was planned weeks ahead, why was it not cancelled due to the severity of cold temps. Since more are scheduled could we not inconvenience the children on another day, or maybe that was the point. Who knows.

I do think that parents need to start calling our elected officials and ask the questions that were posed by Steve Koss. How much is this costing. What has been confiscated, what is the attendance rate for the day.

Parents need to stop squabbling between each other and band together. The DOE knows that we are not united. That's right we are not. It is time to put aside our stupid squabbles about who does what, and who should be doing such and such and just get over yourselves. Be adults and fight for the good, or before you know it even our rights will be taken away.
oops what I am I saying our rights are being taken away.

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