Friday, June 8, 2007

Money for good test scores

Wow would that be called a bribe.
I bribed my child for diner to his favorite restaurant if he would just clean his sty umm I mean bedroom, I am still waiting.
Oops I digress, must be that ADD, so it seems Mayor Mike would like to pay children that achieve high test scores on the assessments $ 25-40 if you are in an Empowerment School. Is that the meaning of empowerment?
If "These assessments are solely tools for teaching and learning. There are no stakes attached to the results for schools, principals, teachers or students. " then would paying the student to achieve a high score not be a HIGH STAKE!
Now this administration wants assessments given up to 5 times a year.
I remember taking ONE "citywide" test a year, oops forgive me two
one for English and one for Math. With those two tests that were given the teacher knew what I needed that was called being a teacher.
I also remember being so afraid of not passing the test and being left back.
So now we are to have them 5 times a year. Does that mean that each time the child takes the test they are to be handed money. Is that like
Pavlov dogs, ooh here is some money kid take the test and go buy yourself something nice. Ruff ruff, ummm I mean, mom can we go to Toys R Us. Mayor Mike gave me 50 bucks to go buy a new video game.

By the way Mayor Mike way to go putting more moolah into CTB-McGraw Hills pocket at the expense of our children.

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