Thursday, June 21, 2007

Toxic School Loophole

I just don't get how our elected officials think it is safe to build a school or lease space on a toxic site. The Queens Tribune is reporting that their is a loophole that can be amended to stop leasing buildings on toxic sites. That would be great now would it not? It seems though if we are to lease space it does not fall under the same guide lines as building a school. Which means that who cares if the children and the staff are in a toxic site, it really has nothing to do with learning now does it? We only care about scores on high stake tests, and don't tell me it does not matter because know we are going to pay for students to score well.
So it seemed that this little loophole was going to be closed forever but it is being stalled in Albany by Senator Frank Padavan (my senator, who is going to be getting a nice phone call and letter from me). He reneged on his prior commitment to the bill. Why Frank, why? Would you want your daughter to teach in a school on a toxic site? I know I would not want my children attending school on such a site. But how are we to know, will that information be disclosed. What is it going to take? High cancer rates in that facility?
Here is Frank Padavan's information
email him, call him, write him, fax him just do something
Frank Padavan
Albany Office Room 416, State Capitol Albany, NY 12247Phone: (518) 455-3381Fax: (518) 455-2008
District Office89-39 Gettysburg Street Bellerose, NY, NY 11426Phone: (718) 343-0255Fax: (718) 343-0354
District Office150-26 14th Avenue Whitestone, NY, NY 11357Phone: (718) 746-2550Fax: (718) 746-2171


Terry O'Conner - A Concerned Resident said...

Thank God for Councilman Gennaro (my Councilman).He was leading the fight against the Gateway School in Hillcrest (my neighborhood), and actually got the Mayor's office to fix ALL of the environmental issues. The whole time, Padavan was going around making noise,but ultimately doing nothing. I guess Frank is all dried up after 36 years.

Pissed Off said...

I'm going to pay Padavan's office a personal visit to get the answers to this question.
I'm glad I amone of the minorities that has never voted for him.

Pissed Off said...

Here is padavan's e-mail information.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Thank god is right Terry. I am glad to here that their are politicians that care.
Over the years Padavan has proved that he needs to be voted out, but he has staying power, not sure why.
I am personally spoke with him about issues, I am still waiting for trees that he said would be replaced, when they were axed last year. They must be arriving from China on a slow boat.