Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Money for school children........

The more I read the conditions of this plan, the more irate I get.
The Mayor misses the point of education entirely. It is what you can get out of your education that matters, not the MONEY you can get out of education that matters. This plan is a insult. The words constantly bandied around is for the poorest families. The quote I have heard from a Principal is my children need incentives. Isn't a good grade in itself an incentive?
Their families can't afford good things. What do you think is a good thing? A plasma television? How about we fix the schools? How about we give them an exemplar education without financial incentives. How about we teach them fine literature, in a small class size.
How about we give them small class size, and keep your cockamamie money for grades payola scam out of the schools and fix them, and build them, give us more seats in the capital plan. Not on a toxic waste site either.
Lets your friends dig deep into their pockets and give money to the schools directly, I understand that their are some trailers in need of repair and air conditioning, and working toilets.
How about your friends help us to make NYC schools what they were the best in the country, the schools that attracted the best teachers who clamoured to teach. Principals who fought to teach in a school, not a system that when a Principal leaves and only 4 apply for the job.
Oh that is right Mayor Mike I am asking for it to be the way it used to be.
So go slam me now. I am not going to sit down and shut up. Not until you open up your eyes and see that you are misguided, and since you won't see it, then you are going to have to contend with me and the other parents who know you just are missing the point.

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