Monday, June 18, 2007


The Mayor has decided that financial incentives are needed for our children to perform well in school. Money talks, or so the saying goes.
It will be a pilot program, paid for by private funds. Oh goodie so the money does not come out of the budget.
Also mentioned in the news was a nice little story about the Uniondale School district and someone altering test scores, we see how this is going to go, don't we?
What I find appalling about this whole situation is not only does the Mayor think children need a financial subsidy to perform well, but so do parents.
Money to attend a Parent Teacher conference. As it is now I am given 3 minutes to speak to the teacher during the conferences what will happen if all the parents decided to show for how much time will I get 30 seconds?
Money to get my child a library card. He has a library card because he loves to read, not because I gave him money to go get one. That misses the point entirely.
Money if your child graduates high school, the talking head said, that parents need to know how important it is to graduate high school. You think? (shaking head)
I have two older children that I never bribed to get good grades. Call me a cheapskate, stick and stones. I believe that good grades should be earned, and that you should work to get them for you, not by what money you can get out of it.
Once again this administration is way off the point on education but why am I not surprised.

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