Friday, November 16, 2007

All Lies

It is amazing (not really though) how the DOE can spin crappy national scores on the NAEP's into a great thing. I was going to comment on the scores yesterday but I was waiting on the DOE spin misters to get to their spin before I did comment.
The tests show that there has been no significant change in NYC since 2002 (ironically before Bloomberg took control) , none but according to the DOE spin we did much better according to the DOE site and the press release we made impressive gains. Impressive to whom?
Not to me, but then I learned how to read between the DOE spin lines years ago.

“These national test results confirm that our reforms have helped raise performance to an historically high level,” Chancellor Klein said

Don't pat yourself to hard on the back now Joel. I am sure your so called reforms will be changed again tomorrow when someone whispers in your ear that achievement is really at an all low and you can no longer lie about the results.

By the way Joel the deadline for giving the class size data has passed on November 15th. Supposedly you say that you don't have accurate detailed information and cannot verify the information from the schools.
What are you waiting for and why is it the DOE can get away with holding that information at the expense of our children.

Would that be because you don't want the State to know that with all your talk about reducing class size is another big lie.

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