Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Update

My wee one is sick, he has a virus on top of another ailment so it has been pretty hairy around here.
My middle one because of his size is being recruited for some heavy duty colleges for football scholarships. He can attend the big Ivy Leagues if they give him a full ride.
Meanwhile I am still trying to process how my elementary school with standardized test grades of 100% above grade level garnered a B rating. Not that I am to concerned because it is all Bullshit anyway just a way for the Dynamic Duo to show they care. They care all right, only about themselves.
We gave your school a B so they can improve. Improve on what? If we children are getting high 4's what do you want from us to garner the all elusive A. If this is not an attempt to get us to teach to the test I don't know what is.

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NYC Educator said...

Sorry about your young child, and congratulations on your big one.

The grades, I think, are an all-out effort to avoid any assessments of those who actually run the system. They've been highly successful in such efforts so far, I'm sad to say.