Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I am grateful for this Thanksgiving

I am thankful that the Mayor took over the school system and made Joel Klein chancellor. Without them we would not have the smallest class size in the nation. Our children would not have scored the highest in the nation on the NAEP. Our valuable senior teachers would not have the fantastic support they have been receiving and being there they are doing a wonderful job mentoring our new teachers. The ones that would have run to the hills a long time ago without the guiding hand of the senior teachers.
I am grateful that the Mayor has decided that Parents do understand the undertaking of how a school building has run by being on CEC's, and SLT's and that they have been listening to our concerns, without having to bribe our children to attain the impossible. I am grateful for all the new schools campuses that have been built and not on toxic sites since they have decided that it is just not worth the risk to our children.
I am so ever grateful that the Mayor overturned the cellphone ban knowing how important it is for parents to be able to contact their children after school. Last and not least I am grateful that the Mayor found out that teaching to the test does not work.

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