Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quote of the Day

“More money and smaller class sizes alone aren't the answer to improving schools, Chris Cerf, New York City Department of Education deputy chancellor, told Delaware educators, policy makers and business leaders Friday. Rather, bold reforms that challenge the current education system are required to make the kind of drastic improvements needed, he said. "We're trapped in a comfortable cycle of incrementalism," Cerf said, later issuing the challenge, "Think about the possibility of change. Be courageous. ... Be willing to take the heat. You have to be unapologetic."

Chris can you please tell me when those bold reforms are going to take place. In the 6 years the Mayor has been in charge all I have seen are plans made and then changed and then made and then minds changed again. There has not been one bold reform and no one but the teachers have been courageous, okay the students too. You should be apologetic to all those who had faith in your Edison Schools we all remember how well that went.

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Anonymous said...

i too am a pissed off mom. my son is in the second grade and he is going to fail. he has been picked on all year and right after thanks giving he decided that he was not gonna take it anymore. he has stopped telling because it just gets him into more trouble and he has not seen a positive result from his telling. so now he just lashes out physically at the 5th and 6th graders that are picking on him. i have been told by the bus driver, who was forced to kick him off the bus, that my son was provoked to the point of tears and finally he went off at two 5th graders and luckily my 11 year old daughter was there to stop him from beating the crap out of at least one of them. my son is only eight years old and the other day he was at school and was being teased in the classroom. he told the teacher because i have mad it arule that he do so instead of fighting. after he told the teacher she told him to ignore them. one of the other boys then threw a ruler at him and it cut his arm. he then got up and was going to deal with it his way because he was convinced that nobody cared. the school police officer was called in before he got to the other boy and the office proceeded to place my 2nd grader on the floor face down, hand cuff him, and then dragged him down the hallway screaming. they say that my son is out of control but i think that they may need to look at why. when he is at home he is a gentle man to his sisters and me. he would never want any of us to feel any pain or hurt feelings. he would give every last toy he had if he thought that that would help this family.