Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Small Class size in the news again

Last night NY1 did a story about class-size reduction, ironically right after Joel Klein spewed his take on how everything is working just fine and dandy.
Now I don't want to say that the plan to reduce class size is not valid, because I have been a cheerleader for this proposal about the same time the CFE lawsuit began. What I want to say is being in this "game" for years and having been through the large classes with my children, all I hear is the same rhetoric and nothing being done about it.
Robert Jackson said "lets tell the mother with a child sitting in a class size off 33 she has to wait 4 more years for reduced class size", well Mr. Jackson I was told the same thing over 10 years ago. Hmm wonder if they meant dog years. I was told the plan would come into full effect in 4 years and that money would be funneled down from Albany to make the plan come into fruition. It did in a kind a sorta of way, the plan is that K would have a class size no larger than 20 but we all know that there are kindergarten classes much larger than that..
I want to know when we are going to stop hearing 4 more years and start seeing results. Real results not team teaching, a para in the room but a true ratio of 1-20. Our children don't have 4 more years to wait.


NYC Educator said...

Honestly I don't think they even know where they'd put that many classes. A recent New York article suggests they aren't even planning for it, and that Chancellor Klein tells people who want small classes to send their kids to private schools.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Sad isn't it. I read the article and my comment is a few below yours it is the one that states that same sentiment.