Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Police State

When did it become acceptable to treat our students like prisoners. When they walk through a school police walk the halls with them? When an announcement is made during the day that for now on they will subject to search and may be scanned and all "non essential" paraphernalia will be confiscated. Non essential meaning cell phones, I-Pods, electronics.
One day I would like someone to walk up the the Dynamic Duo point to them and say hey I think you are carrying a cell phone, a blackberry, and a half a brain, slam them into a wall, make them do the stance and pat them down. Take away their dignity for a day, and a day, and another day.
It is a place for education not intimidation. But then again intimidation is what these two chuckle heads do best. To our teachers (ATR, crappy raise, merit pay), to our students (police in the schools, toxic schools, high stake tests) to our Parents (sit down an shut up).
By the way Principals do you know you have the right to tell the police to get the hell out of your school, well you do, why don't you start exercising it.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Why should Principals tell the NYPD to go to hell? Hell, they use the very tactics the police use on the students on the tachers!

Anonymous said...

I have no objection to the police being in our schools since the staff of the schools cannot control the overcrowded schools BUT I do agree that the police and securit staff should use a more gentle, polite manner and show our children respect. Unfortunately, the Chancellor and Mayor feel they have the right to ban cell phones in schools. Have they banned them for the staff in the building. I dont think so. Their family and friends need to get in touch with them immediately

I am tired of all the experimenting with our children. By the time they find out their methods are not good our children move on to middle school or high school. It is our children that pay the price not the DOE or the educating staff.

yomister said...

I teach at a new, small school. One of our collective visions for the school was that it not appear to be a police state. We politely asked the school officers to maintain a very low profile on our floor (there are 5 schools in our building), and chose not to use walkie-talkies.

Yes, we allow our students to bring their cell phones, so long as they are not seen. We haven't had any trouble. The students know that we are serious about that, and respect the rule. As do the parents.

It's kind of hard to maintain an environment of learning when students are being frisked down before the first bell.