Saturday, October 20, 2007

RAh! Rah! Merit Pay!

After dissent for years over Merit pay Randi finally caved and allowed the Mayor to institute merit pay. Wahoo merit pay, I can see all the teachers clamouring to go to the worst schools for an extra 3 grand. There is a stampede right now down at Bigovercrowdedsmashthemin HighSchool. I thought we did not teach to the test., but what if not is this new merit pay scheme saying?
All I can think is this: the Mayor is not trying to help the system but playing a very elaborate game of three card monty. Move experienced teacher from a school that is already getting high scores, lure a carrot (or merit pay) in front of the nose of said teacher and then experienced teacher moves to low performing school. Hire a new teacher with no skills but them in high performing school and let them just wing it. With no mentors because Principals have no money in the budget to keep experienced teachers.
Why is Randi in collusion with Kleinberg?
For 10 long years, all I have heard (that is after two schools sued for smaller class size) is that the Union is Pro Small Class Size. I believe that the UNION MEMBERS are pro small class size but Randi with higher aspirations could give a rats ass. Excuse the poor grammer, and the insult to the rat.
I have said it again and again, and I don't need to see study results because my children were the guinea pigs for small class size, IT WORKS!!!
Kleinberg knows it works since their lovely children are much better than NYC Public School children and were afforded that luxury.
Lets get to Merit Pay for Students. Isn't that the same scheme?
I watched the news the night it was announced with my College Junior, he loved the interview with the student who said " I love the idea since I come from a low-income family". He shook his head and said who the hell fed him that line.
So guess what Mayor Bloomberg, we just don't buy your crap.
What is going to happen when you leave office, and your "friends" decide they don't want to finance your schemes anymore?
When Joel is out of a job, when Mayoral controls is abolished, when our experienced teachers retire?


Pissed Off said...

The real problem is that the kids today are not receiving the education they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Ms. Tsouris said...

The kids, at least in NYC, are receiving just enough education to be good corporate workers, not leaders. Analytical and critical thinking are avoided at all costs (such as dumbing down all tests, especially Regent exams) so they all can become good corporate cogs. Corporate fascism has taken over our government, including the school system, especially in NYC.