Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Staph infections and the schools

Last night I had a conversation with my middle guy about his schools bathrooms. He has always complained that at bigovercrowdedhighschool that his bathrooms were gross. That everyone knew that it was better to just hold it in, or feign sickness to get in the nurses bathroom. His words not mine. He knows I have an aversion to public toilets since a few bad incidents, and he told me that the schools bathrooms are even worse then what I have told him I have seen in a public facility.
So now there is a staph infection running rampant from state to state and so far we are only hearing about them in schools. Why?
I know why, schools are not being cleaned in the manner that they were once before.
Children are told to wash their hands but with imanginary soap, no soap but plenty of high stake testing.
Last year custodians were cut in schools, it seems Alavarez and Marshal said they were to costly to keep and who cares if the schools and the bathrooms are clean. Children and teachers don't need to use the facilities how can there be any teaching for the test happen if everyone took a potty break.
Do I have to now by antiseptic cleaners and soap for the school my child attends? I am already providing them with paper towels and other non essential teaching tools.Our system is sooooooooooooo screwed up but unfortunately the Mayor and his minion or is it the Chancellor and his minion are unaware.


17 (really 15) more years said...

I was compelled to write about this on my blog. Why principals can't be send home a simple letter reminding parents to speak to their children about handwashing and proper personal hygiene is beyond me. I spoke to my students about the importance of washing their hands and carrying sanitizer. What are the powers that be afraid of?

Pissed Off Mom said...

Not sure why but it was the first thing I did was get a sanitizer for my oldest. The little one is not allowed but he did tell me there is soap in his bathroom.