Friday, October 26, 2007

Testing Forum

Last night District 26's CEC held a forum about Testing in NYC Schools. It was heavily attended by teachers. I just wish more parents were able to come but as I found out from speaking to some parents there seemed to be other school functions that were also taking place at the same time.
I have been looking forward to this forum since I am anti high stake tests. They really dumb down the curriculum. I mean come on the only reason Science is now being taught around the city is so children can pass the science test at the end of the year. The curriculum that was purchased, books are by the very same company that writes the test. Can you say cha ching?
I just want to touch on the fact of Randi Weingarten's part of the forum. She did not talk about any negative parts of testing, in fact she did not speak about testing at all. She did say she was against merit pay and would never allow it.
Ummm Randi merit pay, performance based pay what the hell is the difference.
I don't think that Randi did not have one important thing to contribute. But what the hell that is just my opinion, oh wait no it is not and now I know what a lot of people like Norm Scott, and NYEducator et al have been screaming about. Higher aspirations I can see it in her eyes

Jane Hirschmann is my new hero, my role model so to speak on a list of many. I would love to see a District by District join her group Time out From Testing and ban together and boycott all these high stake testing. To say no to all the emphasis that has been placed on our schools, our children, or teachers. To get back to the basis of education. A real education not a teach to the test.

And not to dismiss Bob Tobias he also gave a meaningful dialogue but I must put this in print.
Frank Padavan has vowed he will look into the possibility of limiting the high stakes testing by imposing limits on state funds to NYC. I say we hound him and write him and ask him not make is a possibility but a reality. Testing has got to go.

Teachers and Parents alike last night spoke how much testing has taken away from education. We know it, to bad the Dynamic Duo keep ignoring us.
But then again money talks........


Pissed Off said...

I have a friend who teaches elementary school. For years, she has been fighting teaching to the test and trying to give her students a good education. Merit pay is coming to her school and she needs extra money so, now her kids will be taught to pass the test. Goodbye education. She has to take care of herself.

Ms. Tsouris said...

I saw that forum advertised but I had obligations elsewhere, it was open school night at Packeminanscrewem High School......could it be remotely possible that someone we elected is actually acting on behalf of overburdened, underchampioned middle class parents? It's about time I heard some sanity and reason from those who pull political and economic strings!! Thanks for sharing your take on that meeting. Rob Caloras,the District 26 CDEC chairman, is standing up for his community, and Padavan is still in office because he used to stand up for his community. I hope he listens to reason, not the propaganda that thrives with government control of the educational system.

Unida said...

Hi, Pissed Off Mom. I would like to share my perspective on today's education.

A rough estimation shows us that by 2012 the first computer with processing powers greater than a human brain will be built. And although the future is hard to predict, by 2050 a computer that is smarter than the entire human race will cost less than $1000. What does this all mean? Where will it all go?

The truth is is that we don't know, but we do know who will be there to let the human race evolve: Our children and their children.

Our children are currently being educated to take on jobs and problems we have NO IDEA exist today. Our children are the ones who will take our race back to our roots as our technology reaches the level of self-development. Communication will evolve to telepathy and there will be no more hidden agendas or private thoughts. No more surprise attacks from your enemies either.

I am certain that meditation in school would give the todays students great advantages when it comes to testing situations. Tests are not the problem in the system because our lives consist of many tests where performance is necessary. Our children have to be able to cope with what's put in front of them else our race will fail in these critical times, which is my greatest concern.

Pissed Off said...

Our kids have to knowledge. Passing the current tests does nothing to insure they know anything.

Pissed Off Mom said...

I agree Pissed off tests do not teach knowledge, all it does it show them they know how to pass a test.
Our scores are below par with the rest of the country. I believe
Jane Hirschman said our children's scores are the lowest in the Nation. Now what does that say for our testing system?