Saturday, October 13, 2007

Its that time again

Time when the letters come home from the high school teachers telling you your child is in danger of failing on the upcoming report card. I guess so as to not shock you when you do see that report card. That is if your child shows you one. Believe me my child shows me his.
Anyway at the beginning the year when you purchase your gym uniform my sons school did not have his size. Remember he is 6'6" tall and wide, he wears a 2X.
Now if I could get him a uniform in say Modell's and just purchase a logo that says BigAssedOverCrowdedHighSchool I would, but noooooooooo that is not allowed.
So I asked him when it comes time for report cards am I going to be told that you were unprepared? He said no, the teacher knows I can't get a uniform. I said okay then, just reinforce that because the teacher is not going to remember.
At the beginning of the week I get a letter telling me that my child has been unprepared for gym 6 times, (two gyms classes). I ask my son, hey what the hell, what did I tell you? She said he did reinforce it. I highly doubt he did. I know my son, he is big but he is quiet. He most likely stood against the wall and did not say peep.
So I fired off a nice letter stating all the facts and I hope that we can come to some type of agreement, maybe like him going over to Pissed Off Teachers trailer and fix her thermostat, he is gifted that way.


NYC Educator said...

I would visit the school if this happened to my kid. I'd make sure to visit the AP and then make sure I spoke with the teacher. The letter might work, but I like people to see my face.

Your son's very lucky to have such an involved parent, in any case.

Pissed Off said...

If he fixes my thermostat, I will sew him a uniform! NYCEd is correct, follow his advice.

Pissed Off Mom said...

I was planning on attending Parent Teacher conferences, it is always on my calendar.

Pissed Off if only it was that easy and we did not have to pay a DOE vendor or approved contractor five times the price I am sure your thermostat would have been fixed eons ago.