Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Parent Leaders

Tonight is a reception for Parent Leaders at Gracie Mansion. Apparently I am a Parent Leader in good standing since I garnered an invitation. I guess the Mayor does not read this blog. I am not attending, I was going to attend and I did RSVP, idle curiosity had me intrigued. I was wondering who these so called Parent Leaders were. I heard some "real" Parent Leaders were not invited, they rightfully speak out against the Department of Education and have been trying to institute change, but they supposedly are not Parent Leaders in the Mayor's eyes. There should be a boycott of the event, but only a few won't show and the Mayor really won't care because he truly won't know why we are not showing. The only way it would work if not one Parent shows up and the Mayor is standing there all alone with his hat in his hand that would make him notice, but it won't happen because the Mayor knows that Parents are not organized and that in itself is the downfall of the Parents voice.
So what exactly is a Parent Leader? I know I am not one. I could have been one but I decided when I got pregnant with wee one that I was going to raise him, and I was disillusioned with fighting the Board of Education. That was what is was called then, before the change to the Department of Education to make us forget that the Board of Education sucked, oh wait so does the Department of Education. So since I have decided not to attend the little soiree at Gracie Mansion (being born across the street from it, I am still on the outside looking in) I have decided that I will attend wee one's PTA meeting where my voice is heard.


Pissed Off said...

Even if no one showed up, the mayor would find a way to turn the event into one that favored him. He's slimy and creepy and does not really care about kids like yours, sorry.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Agreed Pissed Off that I why I just could not attend the Mayor's reception.