Wednesday, May 21, 2008

58 days

Last year about this time, I had a phone call from middle ones high school.
It was at 7:45 in the morning, a time when I running around crazed attempting to get everyone out of the house on time.
The conversation went like this.
Hello is this Mrs. Pissed Off?
yes, this is guidance counselor at big assed not informed high school calling to inform you that your child was absent from school 58 days this year.
me: are you kidding me? He has not.
GC: well yes he has, according to these records from the DOE he has been absent 58 days.
me: are you trying to tell me that you are now in May calling me to tell me my child has not been attending school, when I am telling you that he has.
GC: well yes, maybe you are not aware of what your child is doing.
me: I am aware and hmm lets see let me ask him where he has been for 58 days because he is right here and I was just about to leave to drive him to your big school, but let him be late so we can say he has been absent 70 days.
GC: well not all children will tell you.
me: are you trying to say my child is a liar, and I am some type of crappy parent.
GC: well yes (I swear she did)
that is when I started yelling at her telling her to google my name before she made accusations.
to the point where my husband got angry and decided to take middle one to school and straighten this out.
Now the children scan their ID cards to get into the building. My husband asked for a print out of his scans. It was proven that middle one was not absent from school for 58 days and that it was some type of screw up at the DOE, because schools or at least this school does not do attendance the DOE takes the records and then informs the school who the delinquents are at the end of the year.
He got an apology for the misunderstanding but no apology for me and the crappy parent remark which was denied. So apparently I am a crappy parent and a liar to boot.
Good Riddance.


Pissed Off said...

that guidance counselor can sure you some guidance

Chaz said...

I have a friend who called a parent about her child and told the parent that her daughter misbehaves. The girl told her mother that the teacher picks on her. The teacher told the parent that the child "was a liar". The parent called the principal and the teacher was removed to the "rubber room" for verbal abuse" and belittling the child.

Just think, you could have done the same thing. Of course you have too much respect for your profession to do that.

Pissed Off Mom said...

My husband said in speaking to this guidance counselor, he noticed that she/he seemed to be in the job to long and needed to retire.

Chaz...I am just a lowly parent not a teacher, I only protect teachers rights.

Chaz said...

POD mom:

It's parents like you that our schools need. As for being a lowly parent. Don't sell yourself short. You are a caring parent that wants the best for your child.

Good parents equals good students. The type all teachers love to have in their classrooms.

Keep blogging.l I like what you say.