Monday, May 5, 2008

I am going to hell in a handbasket

Yesterday was wee one's first Communion. We had a pew set up all for our family. This was not done in the past. We were also the third pew from the front of the church. Good and Bad. Good because we could see wee one, bad because the priest could see us.
The Communion was going along well. Wee one was sitting still holding his hands in prayer, the Priest blesses the children with holy water, he takes it well. Does not move sits still, being good. Now it is time for the masses to be blessed and the Priest walks down the aisle of the church annointing one and all, and then it happens, the holy water hits my oldest in the eye, he is sitting next to my middle one, who is sitting next to me. My oldest whispers loudly to my middle one, I am blind it burns it burns. Where my middle one who is a good boy unlike his mother and brother says ssshhh and I burst out in laughter. Big fits of laughter. My oldest looks at me and says what am I going to do that was my good eye. Where I laugh even louder and my body is shaking in fits of laughter and I told him to shut it, that it is now confirmed I am going to hell and I will save a seat for him because there is no way I am going to be roasting in hell without him because he started it.

Now that the Communion is done and the Graduation plans have taken hold I will be focusing back onto the education part of this blog. As soon as middle on graduates I have a nice little post that has been stewing, cooking, roasting in my head.

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