Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Blame Game

Joel and Randi blame each other for the budget cuts reports today's Daily News.
What a big surprise, when all else fails lets blame each other.
When another school gets closed lets blame the teachers.
When ATR's supposedly can't get hired, lets blame the union.
Not the fact that the new Children's First school based budget that allows a Principal (and who could blame them) to save money by hiring a spanking new, fresh out of college, no experience, less than half the cost, to free up up monies, for umm maybe an art program, teacher.
Johnny performed less than anticipated on his high stake test lets blame the teacher, but hey Susie got a higher mark lets congratulate the Principal, but make sure we take some money away from their school for pulling up the grade.
The system is broken, Mayoral control has made it worse and the best that Randi and Joel can do is blame each other for the failures. It is so sad.

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