Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Schools Will Suffer

Since the administration has not done enough damage to our schools they now see fit to penalize our schools for doing well also. Only to penalize students who perform well, for well, performing well. Oh the horrors. Another robbing Peter to pay Paul scheme is how I see it. The Chancellor constantly lays his blame for why things are going to be changed on other people. The state, the failing children, the well performing children, the ATR's, the Union, but never on himself and the Mayor for not knowing what the hell they are doing.
He also goes on to say that there is "Fair Student Funding"
Now how is it fair to take away from children. Oh that is right there is a recession going on, we can't take the money from the Sanitation, and the Police and the firemen now can't we. Hey Joel, stop with the threats already. We did not ask you to take money away from anyone we just ask that you educate our children. To make a budget and stick with it. Don't tell us that we might give you this, but if things get worse we might take it away. Give with one hand take with the other. Be a Chancellor for a change and fight for the children instead of being a ventriloquist for the Mayor. We know who is pulling your strings, and it is not in the interest of the children.

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