Friday, April 20, 2007


The DOE has made some concessions with the UFT & (Parent Groups) on some of the provisions in the Children First reforms.

The first that was a major sticking point for parents and educators alike were teacher's salaries, especially teachers with seniority.I see it as a great thing that teachers with experience will be protected, what I do not like is the back door provision that when the teacher retires or leaves that said money can be spent on a a teacher with a lessor salary and the remainder of the monies can be spent as the principal sees fit. Now I know the Principal should be able to choose the best person for the job, I don't argue that point, but.....if a school is strapped for cash what will the Principal ultimately choose?

The Rally for May 9th has been cancelled. Well I say that we should still hold this rally. To show that we still disagree with the reforms, hey can we can agree or disagree right Randi? I say we DISAGREE!!!!

I am happy the UFT spoke up for the teachers and the Mayor has conceded on salaries, but at what sacrifice to the child?

I am still wondering what parents were available on the meetings, it was not CPAC or CEC you know the parents who disagree with the funding, the parents who have been drawing up resolutions AGAINST the funding. The ones who oppose what Kleinberg are trying to do.

I have no faith in the DOE and any new reforms they are trying to pass, I remember them all. It is just business as usual

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Daniel Millstone said...

You can find more at Daily Gotham ( Gotham Gazette ( and an updated post at NY Public School Parents with a link to the Bloomberg press release. Also, I got an email this afternoon from Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters arguing that it's not a bad deal.

Daniel Millstone

Pissed Off said...

I read the article--it didn't seem like such a great deal to me. While schools now have the options of hiring more experienced teachers i don't trust principals to do be willing to do that.

Pissed Off Mom said...

I agree with you Pissed Off

Thank you Daniel for the other links

jonathan said...

The details of the salary thing are ugly. Principals will get cash to slosh around their budgets if a senior teacher leaves and the replacement is a novice. They won't get cash to slosh around if they hire another senior teacher. Very bad for senior teachers, at least those who want to transfer and those who don't want to feel like they have a target painted on their backs...