Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Mayor hears the Parents

Mr. Bloomberg hears the Parents. He hears that the Parents want Charter Schools. He was lobbying hard for Charter Schools saying that is what the Parents want.
I being a Parent will tell you what I want, and some other parents that I have conversations with. While we are at it lets throw in a teacher or two.
1) We would like to see smaller class size. With an experienced or inexperienced teacher . The only way to become experienced is to teach, and to teach in a class of 16 instead of a class of 36 will help you to become experienced.
2) We would like you to hear all of us. You know the real parents. Not just the parents that nod their heads and say you go for it Mayor Mike you da man.
3) We want NEW SCHOOLS. Lets start with New High Schools since High Schools are the most overcrowded.
4)We want you to stop experimenting with our children. They are not lab rats they are human beings who deserve to be educated to help run our society in the coming years. There really are not enough service jobs for all of the students, some of them do need to be able to run the City when you are no longer Mayor.
And lastly
Stop speaking for me, telling me that I am not a real parent. What defines a real parent anyway Mayor Mike I truly would like to know your definition of it.
I like every other New Yorker pay my taxes (and plenty of them) with the paying of my taxes I get to have a voice. The only problem is how to get you to hear it.