Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Toxic Schools

I just finished reading this at the NYC Public School Parent's blog about the clean up plans for schools built on Toxic sites. Read the complete article here
Love this rationale
Instead, complex engineering systems will be required to continuously vent toxic fumes out of contaminated soils and away from children and teachers.
Wow that is fantastic, lets not contaminate the school, lets contaminate the neighborhood instead. Boneheads.
You know what the real argument is, How about we don't build on a toxic waste site. We are to trust the city government with removing hazardous waste
on a school site, where children and educators are to be housed. When they can not even be trusted to come up with a plan on how to educate our children or reduce class size.
I commend the city by adding new buildings to the school system and providing more space for New York City students, but it is the height of hypocrisy to suggest that building a school on a toxic waste sight is somehow acceptable. How many of our city officials will be willing to let their children be exposed to "acceptable" levels of known carcinogens in the air and on the surfaces that they touch for up to 4 years. No matter how much dirt they dig out and what slab of concrete barrier they build on top of the waste. Is this New York City's method of disposing of toxic waste sites, hiding them under a school building?


Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

I wish more parents were as outraged as you are about the cavalier attitude of KleinBloom and their blatant disregard of our children's health, safety, and welfare. I wouldn't believe anything that this administration has to say, especially after 9/11 when rescue workers' health was so seriously compromised. They are just all about "business as usual" and of course the almighty "bottom line". Statistics are always somehow skewed in their favor, but as any informed person knows, statistics lie. As anyone with common sense knows, actions talk and b------t walks.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Me too. I try to outrage them into action but I am just happy for now that the parents in wee one's school signed letters and postcards to send to our elected officials against the Children First reforms. If more parents would be outraged about all the rotten aspects of the DOE things would be much different.
BTW nice to see you again.

Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

Thanks, PO'd Mom....I was kind of hesitant to post comments due to the last fiasco where you had to remove that post altogether. By the way, I too stand by everything I said in my comments on that posting. Thanks so much for listening too!! I am also a parent of a son who is about to enter middle school (as a 7th grader), so thanks for your forum as a parent!