Sunday, April 22, 2007

Principals to be given power to boot PTA's

If this is not another attempt to silence parents I just can't figure out what else it could be. Today's New York Post has penned an article saying that the DOE "are mulling over a policy plan to allow Principals to ban PTA's for patterns of negative behavior". They still have yet to constitute what "negative behavior" is.
I as a parent find this to be very disturbing. It is another way to bully parents to keep us quiet. To make us not complain, to make us go with the status quo, to worry about what will happen to us if we do complain about the ills of the system. This is not a good thing at all.
Why bother to have a PTA at all? PTA's were put in place to be the voice of the parents and if the parents have a problem who else can we turn to, but the PTA.
They represent us directly. They have the same stake in the school that we do.
I really don't understand what Klein and Bloomberg are thinking, or if they are at all. I say we revolt. That's right a revolution against the boneheaded policies that the DOE are coming up with the make us all be like mimes.


Pissed Off said...

We are in Iraq fighting for democracy while the leaders in NY are trying to take it away. If I didn't read the article myself I would never have believed it to be true.

Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

I think it's way past the time when the American Civil Liberties Union should be looking more intently at the policies and applications of such at the DOE. In general, the Bloomberg administration has been even more fascistic than Giuliani's was, if that were possible. Not one media outlet has picked up the fact that there must be billions of dollars in lawsuits facing this administration as a result of mass arrests of peaceful demonstrators during the Republican convention. There is an arrogance and mean spiritedness surrounding these petty dictators. Bloomberg can't get rid of all those freakin' pain-in-the-backside unionized senior teachers, so he figures he'll start on the parents. He doesn't want us to care so much about our kids' futures. After all, he and his corrupt henchmen certainly doesn't.

Pissed Off Mom said...

I have spread the word to the parents in front of wee one's school about the new silence the parents rule. They are not to happy about it.
Giuliani was (is) a total ego maniac now I know Bloomberg is not to far behind him. It is all about his Presidential bid based on lies.