Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Politic's as usual

Political games are being played with our children.
Let us just look at the Children First Reforms. Bush visiting a Charter School to say how great his NCLB reforms are working.
Why did Bush not go to one of the worst schools in our city and go sit in a trailer that leaks when it rains or watch the children being taught in the broom closet. By the way I was a student that was taught in a janitors closet way back in the days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.
I have been reading all the comments that people who have been involved with education issues when Mrs Pissed Offs daddy still braided her hair in pigtails, and they all say the same thing. That the new reforms should be put on hold.
One thing I find interesting is that they say that this new reform is designed to make the middle class flee from the system in droves.
I will say this, in my middle class neighborhood it has been well known that you send your child to the elementary school, the middle school if your child makes SP or magnet and start saving your money for Private High School. I find this sad, parent's would be apt to trust the DOE if they were honest with the public.
About the Class Size Issue, this is what got me involved with education issues. Class size is enormous and with two children that were in large classrooms I know how hard it is on a teacher to give individual attention to a large class, especially a class that needs to be put in order for behaviour. Mr. Pissed Off figured out that if a class size was 36 a teacher would have 6 1/2 minutes to spend with your child alone. This is in a elementary school setting.
I remember at one time that small class size funds were to be given down from Albany specifically for small class size. It was a victory and it was done for a few years until then Governor Pataki decided to give block grants instead. Well we all know what happened to small class size it was all but forgotten.
Now the DOE is saying that they will come up with a plan to implement small class size in the next five years, and proponents are saying it can not happen and lets not rush into it. Lets not rush into it how about we just forget it all together, how about we just close down the schools, children just do not need to be educated why bother. There is more than enough room in the jails for them.
So when is that revolution???

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