Monday, April 9, 2007

Mayor Mike on Charter Schools

I am all for Charter Schools yes siree, I changed my mind. I think every school should be a charter school. Mayor Mike told me so many times that Charter schools are what the parents want. I am a parent so therefore I want a Charter School. I have been brainwashed, I am no longer Pissed Off since Mayor Mike told me that Charter Schools will cure all the ills that the DOE and our children face, I believe it to be true. I heard it so many times I am starting to believe the hype. NOT.
I am getting sick of Mayor Mike and his bullying ways. How dare he say he is going to single out elected officials who he sees as obstacles to Charter Education. I applaud them and I stand behind them. He defends him remarks by saying they don't stand behind the parents. But, but, but, Mayor Mike they ARE standing behind the parents. The Parents that want the DOE fixed. Not fixed with your half baked reforms. The Parents that want all of our children to receive the education that they deserve not a chosen few. It is a real shame that this Mayor just can not see it.
NOW this is where I get redundant (Mr. Pissed Off said I need to because the Mayor is) The Mayor and his friends were fortunate to give their children a Private Education. The reason for this is because they saw the system as flawed. Instead of trying to fix the system and umm put their money where their mouth is, the chose to give their children an education that the rest of us just can't.
Oh wait I did it to but only because I had no choice. But Mrs. Pissed Off isn't that what Charter School's are all about, people that have no choice? In theory yes. But should it be the last resort option? No, and it would not have to be an option if the Mayor and his friends can just open there eyes and see what our children truly need. They need what their children had.
Yes I know there is no room to do it in existing schools but like I said before (oops there is that redundancy) stop letting developers build with big tax breaks. Start making them pay to build schools. Oh, then the developers won't build. This is NYC, people want to live here and the more that come the more children they have, the children need to be educated and the schools need to be built, and not on Toxic Dump sites either. Mayor Mike, would you send your child to a school built on a Toxic Dump site? No, I didn't think so.


NYC Educator said...

Here's a piece from Jim Horn you might find interesting:

Schools Matter is a great blog, with a lot to say about the charter myth.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Thank you for the link. I have now another blog to add to my collection