Monday, September 24, 2007


At the beginning of the school year when my son showed me his new program, I asked him but hulk man why two gyms and no lunch? Go get lunch. He said Pissed Off Woman if I do that then my schedule will be screwed and I will get new teachers and I like my teachers. So I said okay hulk let it be, it is your last year anyway. He was also hoping that for once he would not be affected by equalization, but being that he is in a New York City high school, oh I am so tempted to write it the name that is, but to protect his privacy I won't. So last week he came home and told me I got equalized, I don't have to be at school until second period now. Even though he had to leave the house at 6:20 before he did every morning dutifully, which for him was a herculean task.
Well I was just reading Pissed Off (teacher) and turned to my husband and read this to him from her blog Abominations. As usual he shook his head, but my son piped up and said Pissed Off do know want to know why I was equalized? I said you know I do. He said he had 49 children in his math class, 49 sheesh. He said that his teacher has to take attendance off of two sheets. He loved his math teacher and now he has a different math teacher in a class of he is not sure because apparently some children are not aware they have been equalized and have not shown up yet.
I just want to ask this question of the Kleinberg administration, do you know how screwed up our schools are? Do you? When are you going to stop screwing around and start doing the right thing. Give our ATR teachers positions in a CLASSROOM already. Build new schools and not more multi-family dwellings.
If you build a multi-family dwelling and no school it compounds overcrowding in our schools. It is a no brainer even the non lawyer in me can figure that out.
The only thing you are doing is making our students abhor our schools making them turn off, not tune in. So know hulk man gets an extra hour of sleep in the morning but he is not crazy about it he rather leave the house an hour earlier to have the teachers he had at the beginning of the school year. Nice way to "engage the students". To bad you can't throw money at him, it might make it bearable.


Pissed Off said...

Kids got new programs due to equilazaton today. Needless to say, the kids I lost were not happy. The teacher they got is fairly new, has a thick accent and has never taught Math B before. I have a feeling lots of parents will be making calls tomorrow.

Pissed Off Mom said...

It has now been more than a week my son was equalized. He is so unhappy. He used to be out of this house at 6:20 without a problem. Now I have to drag him out and have had to drive him twice now.
To me it is like a tease. Look at these great teachers you have, wait no, you are not worthy, here have these instead.
Not to say that the other teachers stink but he was so much happier before.