Friday, September 28, 2007

School Leadership Teams

The Chancellor has revised the A655 regulations for School Leadership Teams. Why even bother having School Leadership Teams in a school?, lets just abolish them. Since that is what the new regulations mean.
The new regulations will make the S.L.T's another voiceless entity in our schools. Members (teachers and parents) will be able to speak about decision making policies, BUT Principals will now have the power to ignore what the other members have to say and do what they want as they see fit, no matter what the consequences may be.
The new regulations were supposed to be shared with Community Education Councils, but low and behold they were not.
The new regulations were posted during the summer when most people, parents and teachers alike, (hey maybe even the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin ummm I mean the Mayor and Chancellor).
CDEC's, President Councils, SLT's, PTA's, do not meet during the summer. It is a wonderful way to get a resolution passed "in the dark of the night."

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