Friday, September 14, 2007

My middle guy

When you see this child, this hunking bulk of a child your first impression would be boy is he large. At the age of 16 (for a few more weeks) he is 6'6" and just as wide. You would also not know that underneath all of that hair and the bulk is a heart of gold. He was always large, he came out of me at 24 inches.
Wednesday after school he and his friends went to make a movie. They have been doing this for sometime now, and have put the movies on the Internet. I would share links but then you would see him and I don't want that.
After being out for a few hours, middle one called to say that they were in a park and their was a disoriented baby squirrel wandering around the the park, that his nose was all bloody and that he wanted my husband to come to the park and pick up the squirrel and take him to the vet. My husband tried to explain to my son that he needed to find a wildlife vet. But my middle one was adamant that the squirrel needed to be rescued. So off went my husband with an old fish tank, and some hay, and an old shoe box from wee one's sneakers, and went and picked up the squirrel. He put him in our garage with a light, some food and I swear if he had the time he would have sewn the baby squirrel a bed. On Thursday morning as I was leaving my house to go to work, in the garage was my middle guy looking in on the squirrel like a concerned daddy squirrel making sure that the squirrel was fine. He was talking to him as the squirrel was looking up at him. It warmed my heart. It made me see my little boy, the one as we were walking around the neighborhood would get upset if he saw a dead animal. He would stop and say a prayer. I used to tell my very Italian mother in law, and my grandmother that he was destined to be a Priest.
I forgot all about that part of my son until this squirrel incident.

I have a neighbor that rescues wildlife, so my husband asked her if she had the name of a vet that would take the squirrel, and of course she did. My husband left a message for her but also found that a local vet here also takes in wildlife, and off he went with the squirrel. Today my husband saw my neighbor and she said that yesterday she found a baby bird that fell out of its nest and she brought the baby bird to the vet that was nearby and when she got there, the baby squirrel was on the shoulder of the receptionist, and was doing well, but the vet said that the baby squirrel a girl, is having a hard time eating so he was going to bring her home and nurse her. I told my middle one and he is upset because he wanted to keep the squirrel as a pet and we told him no way, no how.
So this child who has been giving me a hard time choosing colleges, kept telling me he wanted to be an actor or a choreographer, yes that's right my children have my sarcastic, wry sense of humor, told me today that now he remembers that since he was little he wanted to be a vet, and this squirrel event made him remember. I am sure he will change his mind again.

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proofoflife said...

What a nice light hearted story to read on a Sunday morning!