Saturday, September 15, 2007

Klein on Colbert

I watched Chancellor Klein on the Colbert report, the day after it aired and after it was all said and done, I just sat there and knew when Klein finished speaking that I was right all along. Things are never going to change. Why? Well because they just don't get it. Klein and Bloomberg just don't understand what it is to be a student, a teacher, a parent in the NYC Educational System. I always knew it but this just for me put the nail in the coffin. To see him say the words "engage the students" we must find a way to engage the students, and throwing money at them is the only way we can see doing it.
I guess that is how you and the Mayor might have made your children earn grades, but it not the way to engage the students.
I know how to do it. Lets put the children in trailers, trailers with no air conditioning in the warm months, and not heat in the cold months. Lets not let them have working toilets either while we are at it.
Lets pack them into classes of 60, since being stuck in classes of 36 is not working effectively.
Lets make sure our senior teachers are thrown out of the system all together, we need young teachers, unseasoned teachers, how about we just let the students teacher each other.
Lets make sure the schools are falling apart, and the paint is peeling off the walls.
Lets give our Principals ultimate control, let them make ALL the decisions, they don't need to listen to the staff, what do they know anyway?
Lets hire a Parent and call her the"Chief Mom", that will look like we care about parents and students.
Lets give them back districts but take the Superintendent's out of the district, and make sure that the staff is low so no one can answer the phones when those pesky parents have a question, and while we are at it lets also take secretary's out of the schools too. We can pay the students to answer the phones on their way to the bathroom. That is if they can find a working toilet, one with toilet paper and soap.
Lets also make the Union have a President that does not back up the teachers that they are supposed to protect. Let us fire all the ATR teachers, stop teachers from having a say on the SLT's, lets stick them all in a rubber room without any due process if they even dare to question any of our motives.
That is what you should do Joel and remember you have Mike Bloomberg on your side, boy are you lucky.


Pissed Off said...

Klein did offer Colbert a job.

Colbert seemed to nail him pretty good. Too bad he didn't get it, or at leas he looked like he didn't get it.

NYC Educator said...

Wow. I wish I'd have said that.

Great post.

Pissed Off Mom said...

Pissed Off, that is the point when I started to just get upset when Klein made it look like all our students are a behaviour problem

Thank you so much Ed. That is what I say when I read your blog.