Saturday, September 8, 2007

Survey Results

Millions of dollars were spent on the survey to ask Teachers, Parents, and Students what they think of their school. Great theory in the mind, but as we all predicted the people who actually answered the surveys were low. Only 17% of parents on the High School level bothered to answer their survey. I wonder if like me they decided that the questions were to broad, or that Kleinberg were just doing this to say hey we care and lets us show you how, answer these questions and we help you, not answer these questions but we as parents, educators and students knew it was we will spin it in our favor and make it look like you love what we are doing.
Parents overwhelmingly say that class size is big issue in their minds, that they want lower class size. But once again Kleinberg do not understand this concept.
Once again they take aim and say that it is just the Union and a small group of parent's that want small class size. Sure, that is it only a small group of parents.
I am not sure about them, but maybe because it has been a issue near and dear to my heart for over 10 years, and I speak to parents, teachers and students, Joel do you know that group the students? They always say small classes would be wonderful, educational really.
But then our Chancellor rather fire seasoned teachers, all of them, instead of implement them into a classroom setting. The bottom line does not work here Mayor Mike. You can't nickel and dime and education.

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