Thursday, September 13, 2007

Overriding the Cell Phone Ban

The City Council unanimously voted to override the Mayor and the Chancellor's ban on cell phones. It is about time. The ban on cell phones in this day in age is ridiculous at best. The Mayor says only parents want the children to have a cell phone in school. You know what Mayor Mike I wish for once you would think why we want our children to have cell phones with them.
How about you get off your high horse, or out of your limo and decide for a week to live like the little people. The voters.
Go try to make a phone call on a pay phone that is if you can find one. I am sure in Manhattan you can find a pay phone in the subway. Oh no you can't.
Go walk down any street in the outer borough's and try to find a pay phone in an emergency no less.
How about this scenario, nearby my sons high school there is a high level sexual predator. Why he gets to live so close to a school complex beats the hell out of me. But think about this, he sees some poor girl and he has his target on her, she now has to go run to try to find a pay phone and call someone to help her. I hope this situation never happens but it can.

Want another scenario?
Okay then here we go:
A year before September 11th, there was a fire in my children's middle school. The children evacuated and were assembled behind the school, it was around 10 in the morning. The children were told to just sit out there for the rest of the day until dismissal time, at that time not many children had cell phones but the ones that had a cell phone called their parents and the chain started and we went to pick up our children. The school did not notify us but our children did.

Cell phones are an important tool for communication between parents and their children period. Their should be absolutely NO DISCUSSION about this Mayor Mike.

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