Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cell Phone Ban Upheld

The lawsuit against the DOE against the cell phone ban was lost yesterday. It seems parents do not need to communicate with their children coming or going to school. I disagree. Payphones are not widely available as they were before. I already instructed my son to make sure before he enters the school that his cellphone is off. I DO need to communicate with my child coming home from school, especially when he leaves the school at a late hour and needs a ride.
I would like this judge to go a week without a cellphone or access to a phone coming and going from work and tell me if the children need a cell phone.


Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

They can take their cell phone ban and you know what they can do with it......where the sun don't shine etc. My son will have his cell phone too, but it better be turned off during his school day. However, working parents and parents with more than one kid have enough to worry about. Many of us are giving our kids cell phones in spite of Tweedledee and Tweedledum and their band of dimwit knownothings whose kids were probably raised by nannies. By the way, my son's phone only does phone calls. He will text message over my dead body, that's where I draw the line. You are absolutely right about the scarcity of pay phones.....that's due to the presence of cell phones, but Mr. Mayor and Mr. Former Federal Prosecutor didn't know that since they have secretaries, cell phones and of course limos. They are the new royalty and therefore are very out of touch with the kind of lives we peasants lead.

Pissed Off said...

I remember a few years back Bloomberg tried to get away with getting rid of fire call boxes. His reason was that they weren't needed because everyone, even his 80 something mother had one (not true). Maybe his mom had one, but he won't allow a school aged kid to have one. Houston--we have a problem.

17 more years said...

I have no problem with my students having cell phones. If they forget to turn it off, they know that homeroom is a safe haven I have created for them to turn off their phone without fear of confiscation. Some of my students travel through terrible neighborhoods to come to school, and it is their right to be able to communicate with their parents if need be.