Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Survey Says....

The DOE is starting a new campaign to ask parents & students what they think is wrong or right with their schools. Like we need a survey, what is this Family Feud?
The initiative is called Learning Environment Surveys. This is a gigantic waste of money. Parents have already been screaming about what is wrong with the system but as usual it is ignored. I believe the main reason for this initiative is so the Mayor and the Chancellor can say we asked the parents and they said we are doing a wonderful job. You know they are going to ignore all the negative comments since that has been what they have been doing all along.
They will come up with the everything is rosy approach just like the great graduation rates and the test scores improving.
The New York Times are reporting that a group of 8 parents are urging parents to cross out the questions and send back the message real parental input. Let's make that 9 parents, and I am sure that their is a long line of parents right behind me.

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PIssed Off Pedagogue said...

I haven't received this survey as of today, Thursday.....maybe some school leaders are going against the Grand Poobah and his sidekick??
Not everyone is fooled by their grandstanding and manipulation of local media, apparently.