Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is the role of a PTA in a school?

The PTA is supposed to be a liaison between the parents and the staff of a school.
If the parents are upset about an executive decision that was made at your school in regards to class size being large and you as the PTA President have been asked to bring it as a new Agenda item at the next meeting is it to be ignored, as not a role of the PTA?
If you find out there might be a good chance that a class might have up to 40 students next year would that not be a PTA issue, or are we supposed to just ignore the fact because the Principal says there is nothing you can do about it, this is just the was it is going to be? Are we not supposed to question what is happening in our school, where are children are supposed to be educated, are we supposed to be quiet and just be steamrolled.
When the new Children's First intuitive was brought forth and we knew that this would be a disaster in the making, taking seasoned teachers out of our school was that not important?
This has been on ongoing situation in this school, it has happened before and it will happen again, the only difference is the parents in this school are vocal despite what we are told, and if we are to lay down and just take it next year all the classes will be 40 and then you can take your cushy top ten standardized math and reading scores and wave them goodbye.


Anonymous said...

PTA is supposed to advocate on behalf of children. Sometimes this means you disagree with the school district. Unfortunately, many PTAs end up being an arm of the school and doing whatever the principal wants.

Anonymous said...

I am the preisdent of my local elementary school and the job of the PTA president is to be a spokes person for the kids not the parents. If you as a parent want your voice heard attend your local Board of Ed. meetings so you know what is happening in your district and why so many kids are in the class rooms.