Sunday, May 20, 2007


My wee one told me he wants to be home schooled.We discussed why he wants homeschooling and he said he was be picked on by a child in his class. I told him what to do and we got past it. He was also absent last week due to a horrible allergy attack. You have just got to love spring.

People do me a favor and write a Will because when you don't your family is left behind for years trying to straighten things out. Thanks Dad.
Yeah Yeah I know he did not think he would pass away at the age of 63, but whateva.

I got the bill for middle ones Senior Pictures the cheapest package is $84.95 the most expensive is $399.95. Not that I don't love him but sheesh that is a lot of moolah. Oldest guy in the private high school Senior pics cost me $40 for a full package, and the pictures were very nice.

The school year is almost over. I wonder what secret deals are going to be made over the summer concerning the new provisions and what is going to come forth in September concerning classes size.

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