Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday my oldest son and I went to a Mets game, we are rabid fans. Lets say if you sit next to us if you don't want to hear booing and screaming, I suggest that you move. This was his Mother's Day gift to me. He purchased field level seats for us right off of first base. He would have got them off of third but he did not want to be embarrassed any further by the things that might have come out of my mouth regarding David Wright and Jose Reyes. Yeah, Yeah I know I am old enough to be their mommas but please they are a gift.
So we have great seats and I am pumped because I might catch a foul ball (hey I was with a championship softball league, back when the game was invented).
So the reason for this post is this:
The people behind us were annoying. Not annoying because they were loud fans but annoying because they were not watching the game. The wives knew jack about the game and were on their cells the whole time., talking to their children, their girl friends, the soccer coach, and their rabbis. At one point one of the woman screamed ohhh its Israel. The husbands were talking work, I might hire 10 more workers, wow you are doing that good. Hey who are you going to vote for in the Presidential elections. Every single time there was a play they wanted to know hey what happened. I wanted to turn around and scream for god sakes people you are at the damn game shut up and watch it already. As my son and I had to lean over the rail and practically sit in the people in front of us laps, the morons behind us continued to ponder if they should have beer or water, and miss every single play, the husband surmised what might have just happened and then had to explain to the wives how the game is played.
Granted the game blew but they made it worse.


Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

Sorry the game blew, PO'd Mom. This is what happens when you sit in the corporate got-the-seats-for-free-through-the-company section. They could care less and aren't true fans like you and your smart son (Let's Go Mets!!!). I'm glad she got the call from Israel, where it was late evening but how the heck could she hear anything? Who cares? Maybe it was the kid calling from Israel for Mother's time make believe you don't know the game either, these morons won't bother you. Or make believe you don't know too much English? Your son sprang for a bundle for those tickets, these people sat in the corporate boxes...the heck with them.

Pissed Off Mom said...

It was her child from Israel that is why she was so exhilarated.
As a child I was one of those brats in the corporate seats with the one who taught me the art of being pissed off (my daddy, how I miss him)
He would talk business and my brother and I would boo and scream. Granted my brother is a Yankee fan but me I am a die hard Met's fan.

Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

My father taught me how to be pissed off also, being a '30's leftist. I miss him also....this will be my first Fathers' Day without him in this world. He was a factory worker, so I was totally removed from the corporate world....I was just a working class brat, but he was my "Working Class Hero" (John Lennon song). He was a NY Giants fan, then we were all Met fans. Yah GOTTA love Dave Wright and Jose Reyes. You know the new Shea will have less common folk seats and more skyboxes for Bloomberg and all his corporate friends. There will be around 10,000 to 20,000 LESS seats. Gee us fans can't wait for higher prices and less availability. That's OK, we'll have our big screen TV's just in case....