Thursday, May 31, 2007

The real answer.......please

I am sure the Principal did not mean to intentionally mislead parents when she told them that their was no other place that they can turn to with their complaints in the school but him/her. That they had the only power in the particular school. I am sure they did not mean to tell us that there was no superintendent that they have to report to, and we could turn to. To bad the Principal was called on her omission.
This new budget is turning into a big problem in my school. We are losing teachers,(due to retirement, and not getting new ones) our numbers are down, and our class size is going to increase because of it. As a parent, and the others that I have spoke with are very concerned about our children and the future of our school. All we want is answers, real answers not the George Bush going around the question until the answer is not answered, answer.
It has become very frustrating and the anger has come past the boiling point.
I feel for the Principal trying to figure out the budget with trying to keep the integrity of the school and its scores, and we are not asking for miracles all we want is the truth. Something we have not been given.


NYC Educator said...

Well, if the principal doesn't replace departing teachers, and increases class size, that means he's got a whole lot of extra money to spend on things he considers more important. If I were you, I'd make it my business to find out what the heck those things are.

Aren't there supposed to be parent liaisons in city schools nowadays? I know there's one in my building, though I have no idea what she actually does.

Pissed Off Mom said...

This was the question that was posed to our Principal at the last PTA meeting.Unfortunately being a small school and next year we will be with an enrollment of under 280 our budget is very small. Money will be used for other programs.
It is very sad that class size has to increase to keep art or music.
The parents at the last meeting (and it was packed compared to other meetings) were trying to get those answers. We have to wait until the next meeting to get them. Supposedly those numbers were not in the Principals head at the time.
Maybe they will be by the summer, when we are all gone.

NYC Educator said...

Supposedly those numbers were not in the Principals head at the time.

If your principal is deliberately not replacing teachers, that's inconceivable. This is a clear consequence of the chancellor's latest reorganization, and another sign that it was an egregious error to support it. The mayor's downward PR spiral ceased entirely when the May 9th rally was canceled.

Pissed Off Mom said...

What I think the Principal is doing (I won't use gender just the title)is this, playing it safe.
The money for the teacher is in the budget, it stays in the budget, what I beleive she is afraid of is, that if there are two classes in this one grade and the numbers are low say 17 each for argumentative sake, that the DOE will swoop in and say hey that is a small class lets just take your money away and combine the class.
It has happened in the past and all hell broke loose. I think what is being done is to just combine the class and take flack from the parents.

The rally being canceled was a big mistake, it was a cave in. I wanted to just sit in front of City Hall that day in a form of protest.
Just wait until next year when we find out how many teachers will not be replaced. I am sure that my school is not the only one who is not replacing teachers.