Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Name Calling

Why when the Mayor faces opposition he has to revert to name calling?
Funny that he uses name calling like a elementary school child to parents who are trying to call attention to the fact that he is a major bonehead. Oops would that be name calling, silly me.
So when a group of parents asked for us to ask for real parent input on the new surveys sent to parents his only response was that they are trying to
“subvert the system and sit around and complain and not make it any better.”
Now these parents that signed the letter do not just sit around and complain and not make it any better.
They are parent leaders, people who have gone out and tried to make it better, but our Mayor thinks that he is much smarter than parents who children are being educated in the public system. Who would know better the private school parent (Mayor Mike and Joel Klein) or the actual parent who has a child being screwed by the system. Now I know I am saying that the system is broken and that the Mayor wants to fix it, but his fix is not a real fix. It is set up for failure. I have cited why many times before. Just wait until September and our I told you so's become fact.
Then Mayor Mike is going to have to truly listen to the parents when they realize that once again their child is being screwed by the system.

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