Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Grade Takes a Test

I just finished reading a book with my First Grader for his required 10 minutes of reading a night.
I picked this book up for him on our last library visit, titled First Grade Takes a Test by Miriam Cohen. I picked it up because he stresses so much about tests he always tells me when their is an E-Class and comments on them. This was a great book showing how different children come up with different answers to questions when they know what the correct answer is.
I thought the best part of the book was when the author showed a part of the test
with a picture of Tom and Sally sharing a bologna sandwich but the question was who was taller Tom or Sally. Jim wanted to know what being taller had to do with a bologna sandwich. My son just wanted to know if that was the correct spelling for bologna.
After the test was complete one child was taken out of the class and placed in a "Special Class" and all the remaining children had doubts about themselves whereas the teacher explained to them that a test does not teach them about themselves and that a test is not all important. Something I always tell him.
The only unbelievable part of the book was the first grade class of 9 but I guess it must have been a private school

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