Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Got my survery today

for the elementary school but not for the High School. Are my priorities different for each school? Yes and no there are different aspects of each school I would love to see be changed. This survey is still bogus. I wonder is this survey going to be looked at individually or are they going to put them into a machine?
This survey reminds me very strongly (he he using the words from the survey) of the standardized tests I received in school, make sure you fill in the marks with black pen or pencil like this or your answers will not be counted. Oh the stress it put on poor little not pissed off yet. I was sweet, oh yes I was, I know you are all finding this so hard to believe, but once I was a sweet, shy child. I don't like that their is no place to put comments or that they ask for any type of comment, just to answer the questions like a robot. Silly me they don't care what we really think, just like they don't really care if our children are stuck in an overcrowded class, in an understaffed school, built on a toxic waste site,with a underpaid teacher with meager resources trying to achieve the goal of surpassing the current 50% graduation rate that we so much enjoy.

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